"Platformization" of merchant experience  | Riskified

In my role as VP Design, I played a key part in transitioning Riskified’s offerings from five independent products to one consolidated product platform. This shift was crucial as each product had matured significantly and was ready to become part of a larger ecosystem.

Our team consisted of six product designers, each with a strong grasp of their respective product’s user needs and business objectives. Still, I noticed a gap in alignment and knowledge sharing that was essential to creating a unified user experience. To address this, we began developing a comprehensive UX vision that included a robust design system, a consistent UX tone of voice, and a supportive visual language.

The transition from a multi-product structure to a unified platform presented significant challenges, particularly in maintaining the independence of our empowered teams.

A major UX hurdle was ensuring seamless integration and connectivity between the formerly standalone products while making progress in our individual domains and preparing for future cross-platform behaviors.

To facilitate alignment and promote a collaborative mindset, I established a forum for product leaders. This space was important for discussing connectivity, addressing overlapping needs, and brainstorming cross-platform use cases to ensure a smooth transition towards a more integrated user experience.

This ongoing initiative lays the foundation for a seamless and user-centric product ecosystem at Riskified that enhances the user experience and promotes co-existence across our platform.