Riskified's Rebrand

Riskified’s rebranding initiative was a strategic move to strengthen our market leadership closely tying our fundamental values of positivity, transparency, agility, and innovation to our brand image.

In my role as VP of Design, I worked collaboratively with the CMO and Director of Brand, and led our design team through this complex initiative. It was imperative that every designer on our team actively participated to ensure they felt connected to the new brand identity and understood the pivotal decisions.

The result of these efforts is a comprehensive and differentiated brand system that covers a wide range of business needs, from the logo and product UI to internal communications, motion design and a distinctive photographic language.

By carefully managing this rebranding, I was able to strengthen Riskified’s position as an industry leader poised for the future. This journey has been a testament to our team's resilience and adaptability, which provide a strong foundation for our continued evolution.